Are you a bronzed goddess?


What are you doing to give your body a nice and tan glow?

I personally love a good sun-kissed body glow makeup because I don’t like too much sun. Although a little Vitamin D never hurts. I just always wear an SPF 30. What about adding a bronzing body glow product instead laying in the the sun? Did you know that JLO doesn’t go in the sun and she actually uses bronzers? She has pretty fair skin by nature.

The BEST body glow I have ever used…

I am always looking up to celebrities and admiring other makeup artists for their latest trends in cosmetics. I just attended The Makeup Show downtown Chicago, and I met the ever so popular makeup artist, Joanna Schlip. If you don’t know anything about her, she is a huge celebrity makeup artist represented by the Cloutier Agency in Los Angeles. Her clients include the best of the best including Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate, and many others. Her work has been displayed on many magazine covers, and she specializes in Red Carpet Events.

And most importantly, she invented the best body glow I have ever used called Red Carpet Kolour. This body glow gives you a nice bronzed glow without it being orange or fake looking. It doesn’t stain clothes and dries in minutes. I use it now on all my clients, and they just want more of it. Every makeup artist should have this product in their makeup bag.

How do you achieve your sun-kissed look? Sun or sunless?

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