About Me

Hi. I’m Alisa Weiss, the founder of Asila Makeup.

Here’s a little something about me:

I was a theater major at the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated in 1996 with a BA in Fine Arts. After graduating, my love for film and theater makeup brought me to the cosmetic counters in department stores working in both makeup artistry and management for cosmetic lines such as Stila, Prescriptives, and Benefit Cosmetics. After extensive experience in Cosmetic/Skin Care Sales and Management, I realized that I was longing to get back to expressing my artistry so I decided to be educated in both skin aesthetics and makeup artistry. I received my Aesthetician’s License in the State of California in 2011. And then nine months later, Asila Makeup was born. Well, not really nine months. But still. You get the picture.

Asila Makeup is my artistry business. It’s grounded in my many years of experience doing makeup for celebrities such as LL Cool J and Jamie Lee Curtis and working my magic at events such as the American Film Market Awards in Santa Monica and the Science Fiction Awards in Los Angeles. In my spare time, I do makeup for editorial and actors as well as weddings and special events. Most recently I was the makeup artist on the documentary Splashlife.

With Asila Makeup I am embarking on a career that will include doing makeup for red carpet events, makeup artistry education (teaching makeup artistry to clients and other makeup artists) and being a personal beauty shopper for cosmetic clients.

Please feel free to contact me for information on my rates and your makeup needs.

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