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I am the founder of Asila Makeup. I'm a makeup artist, educator, beauty diva and unabashed product whore who is on a mission to find the world's most exquisite products and use them to help people feel beautiful inside and out.

How do you correct your skin?

Do you have dull skin? Is your skin too ashy? You want to bring brightness to your skin? Do you have Acne Scars? Well, Please keep on reading because I swear by this product.

First off, I have couperose skin. It can be very rough. In fact, we did a test when I was in Aesthetician school on skin typing and my type was acneic, oily, and couperose. I needed my skin to come alive. I needed my acne scars and spots to go away. I was very frustrated with the dullness of my skin.

When I was younger, I suffered from severe acne. I really think that is why I went to Aesthetician school. I appreciated all of the Aestheticans I went to over the years that helped my skin clear up.

When I did the Masters Class in school for a while we used  Control Corrective for our back bar. We also sold the products at the school as well. This cosmeceutical line (I call this a cosmeceutical line because of the medical grade ingredients that they use) really helped clear up not only my acne, but my scars too. Also, Cosmeceutical Ingredients work the best in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite Control Corrective products because it really got rid of my acne scars and spots caused by the sun. The Lactic Acid ingredient is formulated to lighten up dark pigmentation. It also has an SPF 30 to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. I used it everyday for 3 months and it actually really worked. It leaves your skin very soft as well. If you use this everyday, you will notice the difference. Your skin will look bright and very clear.

Please go to www.controlcorrective.com to check out this product as well as their other effective products.

What do you use to correct your skin conditions? Please tell me about it.

My Favorite Beauty Websites

I have been discovering cool beauty websites lately. I am a beauty hoarder. I am not really a hoarder, but you get the gist. 😉 I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty product sites with you because I want you to love what I love.   Also, you can find some wonderful deals out there too. I am listing a mix of skincare and cosmetic websites, so that you can look at a variey of different types of beauty products. I will also be sharing more websites in the future as well as links.








What are some of your favorite beauty product websites out there today?

Need to tame your hair?

Let’s just say I don’t have the easiest hair in the world. Before when I blogged about Moroccan Oil, I talked about my hair being very coarse. Let’s just say those who knew me in high school can attest to the out of control fuzzball nest I used to have on my head. My hair looked like a mix of Rosanna Dana Dana and Bozo the Clown. For Realz. Now, I can say my hair is one trillionth (Is that even a word?) times better.

I really owe my new and improved hair (well not really new, going on two years now) to my hairdresser Jodi and the Ken Paves Salon in West Hollywood, CA. This is when I really fell in love for the first time. I saw that sexy bottle of Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola staring back at my head saying “I want to tame that mop on your head now”. And it did. This is not a relaxer. This is a frizz eliminator. This is a treatment because it improves the hair shaft by making coarse hair smooth. My hair now blow dries in 15 minutes. It’s no longer the 45 minutes that it used to take me to blow dry. When I leave my hair naturally wavy and I let it air dry, it doesn’t frizz up like it used to. I’m addicted.

This Keratin Treatment is now more cost effective than ever because you can now get the express treatment done at the salon. The price used to run for about $500.00 when it first came out, but now you can find it at some salons for $90.00. The regular process lasts 3 to 5 months, and the express lasts 2-3 months. You will love, love, love.

What is your opinion of the Brazilian Treatment compared to the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola?


I am so elated to kick off my website! I hope you like what I share with you. I have such a strong passion for talking about beauty products and services. I can talk my ear off about beauty products as I am sure some of you already know 😉 This is an interactive blog, so please share with me your beauty tips as well. Some of the best beauty tips I have learned were from my mother, grandmother, and my girlfriends of course. Please feel free to also check out some of my artistry work as well under my portfolio.

What is your favorite beauty tip that you have learned most recently?

What scent are you?

Do you like more of a musk scent or are you a sweet flower girl? If you like those lovely flower notes, this perfume is for you! 

It really does smell like a sweet flower exploded on you with Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I think this perfume smells like a combination of flowers and cotton candy. I absolutely love it. I would rather smell sweet than muggy, and that is exactly how you will smell. It isn’t too sweet though. I think it’s perfect. If it is too light for you, just try Flowerbomb Extreme. It has the same notes, but it is stronger.

Have you tried Flowerbomb before? What do you think about Flowerbomb?

Silky and Shiny Hair

What type of hair texture do you have? 

I personally have coarse, thick, unruly hair. It has been so hard for me to find a nice hair care product to add shine and make it look silky and smooth. My favorite hair care product for my hair type is Moroccan Oil. It is great for blow drying and for all around shine. Their serum and their shine spray have the right touch for a perfect healthy, shiny look without it looking too greasy. They have also recently come out with Moroccan Oil Light which is for more fine and lighter hair. The Glimmer Shine spray gives the hair a nice sheen to it. It really is for all hair types, and a little goes a long way. 

I would love to hear what kind of hair care products work for you. How do you keep your hair looking healthy?

Eyeliner and mascara that will make your eyes pop!

When you are talking to your girlfriends about cosmetics, what are some of your must haves? What type of beauty products do you talk about? 

I will be blogging a lot about Mascaras. I also love eyeliners that are easy to line. I get gitty like a school girl when I find a mascara and eyeliner that work better than the next. Right now, these two are my favorite by L’Oreal. Both in Carbon Black, Voluminous Mascara and Pencil Perfect eyeliner are so amazing and you can use them both with a natural look or a bold, nighttime look. They really make your lashes look beautiful and full when you use them together.

What type of eyelashes do you have and what steps do you take to make them standout?