How do you correct your skin?

Do you have dull skin? Is your skin too ashy? You want to bring brightness to your skin? Do you have Acne Scars? Well, Please keep on reading because I swear by this product.

First off, I have couperose skin. It can be very rough. In fact, we did a test when I was in Aesthetician school on skin typing and my type was acneic, oily, and couperose. I needed my skin to come alive. I needed my acne scars and spots to go away. I was very frustrated with the dullness of my skin.

When I was younger, I suffered from severe acne. I really think that is why I went to Aesthetician school. I appreciated all of the Aestheticans I went to over the years that helped my skin clear up.

When I did the Masters Class in school for a while we used  Control Corrective for our back bar. We also sold the products at the school as well. This cosmeceutical line (I call this a cosmeceutical line because of the medical grade ingredients that they use) really helped clear up not only my acne, but my scars too. Also, Cosmeceutical Ingredients work the best in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite Control Corrective products because it really got rid of my acne scars and spots caused by the sun. The Lactic Acid ingredient is formulated to lighten up dark pigmentation. It also has an SPF 30 to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. I used it everyday for 3 months and it actually really worked. It leaves your skin very soft as well. If you use this everyday, you will notice the difference. Your skin will look bright and very clear.

Please go to to check out this product as well as their other effective products.

What do you use to correct your skin conditions? Please tell me about it.